For Leasing Inquiries Call:

For leasing inquiries please contact Jenny Schmoisch
905.281.5875 or email jschmoisch@morguard.com

Specialty Leasing

Shoppers are always looking for something new and different, so the possibilities are endless. Cambridge Centre offers a unique opportunity to start your own business or test new ideas for your existing business through our Leasing Program.

Advantages to using our Specialty Leasing Program are:

  • Test-market an idea or concept
  • No long-term commitment
  • Professional assistance with design concept, display, advertising
  • Affordable

Advertising Options
Looking for advertising options for your business?
Want exposure to over 6.3 million people annually?

For more information regarding the Specialty Leasing Program at Cambridge Centre please contact Jackie Walker at jwalker@morguard.com

Download specialty leasing brochure and application here.

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